More Light Means More Chaos!

As people open to spiritual energies by meditating daily and raising their vibrations, often they find that their life gets harder, not easier. At times it will seem like the more Light they bring in, the more chaos they have in their lives!

If they weren’t warned ahead of adobe-galaxytime, this is a time when many who are new to the spiritual path will get discouraged and stop their spiritual work, going back to the limited perceptions and activities that are more comfortable—at least for a while. This usually won’t last long. Once you have awakened to the greater reality, it is difficult to retreat into closed perceptions.

The reason things seem to get worse at first is that as we bring finer energies into our systems, they will expose whatever has been blocking the Light. This means all those areas of pain that we have avoided, or didn’t even know about, will at some point be brought up for healing.

The good news is, our souls are in charge and won’t ever give us more than we can handle. The bad news is, from the perspective of the soul we may be able to handle more than what we think we can from the human perspective. From the higher view, it is easy to see where we need to go, and how to get there. And to expand our consciousness requires that we get out of our comfort zone.

The growth process is a lot like cleaning out a messy closet. First you have to take everything out. So there is more disorganization than there was before you started. If you stop there, you will have a greater mess, and if you aren’t aware of this ahead of time, you may decide that you will never try to clean out that closet again!

But if you stick with it, making piles of things that you will get rid of because they no longer fit in with your life, and organizing what you are keeping into containers that you can stack, label, and put on shelves, in time you will have a much nicer closet, and you be able to find everything.

This pattern of chaos before order is the way things work in our world, whether it is cleaning a mess or raising our consciousness. We have to stick it out to get to the time when it gets easier.

With spiritual growth, it comes in layers. The first big chunk of pain may be exposed very quickly after starting your path, and if you have tools with which to heal it, you will get through that and arrive at a place that is more comfortable. But then there is the next chunk, and the next one. This is the healing process, which has been likened to peeling the layers of an onion.

And sometimes you will think you have completely healed a pattern, only to have it seemingly come back years later. This is only another layer to be exposed and healed. If you keep bringing in Light, it will eventually shine into the deepest, darkest corners of your system. If you have been incarnating on this planet for very long, you can expect this process of clearing out the past to take many lifetimes. If you think of the process in these terms, and stick to it, finding the fastest paths and teachers, and gathering the best tools, you will be in it for the long haul. And little bits of chaos will not deter you.

Twin Flame or Soulmate?

Over the years, I have received thousands of letters from people wanting to know if a particular person is their twin flame. They usually describe the intensity of the attraction, the stirring of spiritual awakenings, and sometimes an opening of psychic senses. All these experiences prompt them to do some kind of research online, leading to the concept of twin flames.

By far most of these are not twin flames. They are soulmates or other people with whom there is a strong soul contract. Sometimes they come along to spark a spiritual awakening, or to help you make some big changes in your life. These important encounters are gold! Because of the contracts, these connections generate very intense feelings and mystical experiences to get your attention, and it may seem like it is the forever kind of love.

But often, after they have given you the boost you needed, the person is no longer needed in your life. The soul contract is finished. If you have, in the process, attached to the idea that they are your twin and no one else will do, this can be extremely painful, as well as then limiting you from finding the next relationship that will help you along your path of evolution.

There are several ways I can tell if two people are twin flames. When I look at two people psychically, the first thing I look for is where their energetic connection is the strongest. If that is at the heart, they are usually soulmates or soul family who have come together to help each other heal. If it is between lower chakras, there is karma to disperse or big lessons to learn, and that is what drew them together. Mental or telepathic connections I see between the third eyes or throats, which can also be a sign of a shared mission or project. But if I see that the strongest connection is above the head at the soul level, this indicates either a soulmate or twin flame.

If this soul connection is present, I can tell if the couple are twins or not by looking at the unresolved energy or karma between them. If I see significant unfinished business, a number of lifetimes together, and other indications of a past together on Earth, this is a soulmate. If it looks clear between them, they are twin flames.

Soulmates and other soul family are our companions along the way as we incarnate over and over in different kinds of relationships, making mistakes and helping each other with life experiences and lessons.

Twins, on the other hand, don’t generally incarnate together while they are both creating karma. They tend to gather experience apart. But all the time they are very connected at the soul level, so even though they don’t have past lives together, they feel like they have known each other forever. And they have, just at a non-physical level.

Twins and some soulmates will feel like they were meant for each other, but the intensity of the soul-to-soul connection of twins is unsurpassed. This cannot be maintained in Earthly life until both people are very evolved and healed. This is why few twins actually come together physically.

So the quickest way to attract your twin flame is to heal yourself. When the timing is right, he or she will find you.